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DTI is a 501(c)3 ministry providing free discipleship
resources for training disciplers to disciple others



Mentoring Mondays Session #1 Introduction to the DTI Philosophy

This Introductory Session #1 begins with a discussion of “What is a Biblical Disciple? 

For thoughtful consideration, we review the Barna Group's study on the “10 Steps of Spiritual Transformation”, showing that only 2% of Americans progress in their spiritual journey to Surrender (Lordship) and Profound Love of God and Sacrificial Love of Others! This is the group who will care enough to witness to the unsaved and come alongside new believers to disciple them and help them grow.

We also discuss the Balanced Discipleship Model and the analogy of "Natural Babies" to "Spiritual Babies".

As you watch the training video, pause it to lead your own discussion.

Click here to open the Session 1 handout (PDF) and facilitation questions.


Spiritual mentoring Mondays Session #1 (41:26 min.)

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