Spiritual Mentoring Mondays

Welcome to Spiritual Mentoring Mondays

DTI invited partner churches throughout the United States and Canada to participate in virtual Spiritual Mentoring Mondays to train and equip disciplers-to-be / spiritual mentors.

Since the live timing isn’t convenient for everyone, we have made the recordings available to be used by churches / individuals. You can host your own small group (virtually or in person), showing the teaching, followed by your own discussion group, with the goal of “making disciples who make disciples.” 2 Timothy 2:2


  • Approximately 30 minute training segment, hosted by Frank and Jeannette Meitz from DTI, followed by each church going to a virtual breakout room for interactive discussions led by a facilitator.
  • DTI provides a handout of suggested discussion topics and questions to stimulate conversations. However, each church leader can guide the conversation and process as they deem best.
  • We recommend that each participant have a Bible and either the DTI App or printed book during the sessions. (available to download free) Click here to get the DTI App.  Click here to download and / or print the DTI manual.

Note that these sessions present an overview, additional information, and are for encouragement of mentoring. For complete training / teaching on each lesson, click here.


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This Introductory Session #1 begins with a discussion of “What is a Biblical Disciple? 

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In Session #2 we begin to delve into Phase 1 with an overview of Lesson 1-1.

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In Session #3 we discuss the five components of Lesson 1-2, Knowing God.

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In Session #4 we discuss Slavation Principles in Lesson 1-3.

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In Session #5 we discuss The Spiritual Anatomy of a Christian and God's Character. This lesson is a transition lesson.

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In Session #6 we discuss God's Divine Nature & My Human Nature. We will break down the diagram into each of it's components.

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