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Phase 2 Mentor Training

Guidelines for those who want to disciple/mentor other believers, explanation of Balanced Discipleship and a discussion on how new believers grow spiritually.

Lesson 2-1 10 Reasons Why Personal Discipleship is Needed

10 reasons why we believe that personal discipleship (spiritual parenting) is needed, in addition to corporate discipleship. In these discussions we attempt to identify areas of spiritual need in order to prayerfully seek God’s solutions.

2-1 Part 1 of 3 (18:25 min.)

2-1 Part 2 of 3 (23:27 min.)

2-1 Part 3 of 3 (18:15 min.)


Lesson 2-2 What is Personal Discipleship?

To most Christians the term "discipleship" simply equates to "Presenting Biblical Truth". More accurately we believe the concept of "Spiritual parenting / mentoring" more accurately reflects the Biblical meaning of discipleship. 

2-2 Part 1 of 3 (16:29 min.)

2-2 Part 2 of 3 (25:28 min.)

2-2 Part 3 of 3 (22:09 min.)


Lesson 2-3 Growing New Believers

This lesson addresses the topic of how to grow new believers.

How does a new believer acquire spiritual understanding? In our discipleship workshops we ask the question to Christian leaders, “would you prefer to place a new believer in your congregation knowing that they were going to become like the typical person in your congregation?” How do you think they answer? What's your response? 

2-3 Part 1 of 5 (26:46 min.)

2-3 Part 2 of 5 (19:24 min.)


2-3 Parable of the Sower (19:24 min.)

Using the parable of the Sower from Matthew and Luke we look at the four groups presented in the narrative and apply it to those believers that are discipled versus those that are not discipled.

2-3 Spiritually Is Graded on The Curve (10:25 min.)

Spiritual maturity is typically graded on the curve. If you're in a church and everybody is very immature and you're just a "little" immature don't you feel good about yourself? You say, "I'm ahead of those guys." God knows where every believer is and God holds you accountable for where He knows you are. He doesn't hold you accountable for how you are compared to someone else. We need to disciple new believers and help them to get started so that they don't go through their Christian life comparing themselves to other people.

2-3 Discipled vs. Undiscipled Believers (20:56 min.)

Using a timeline of a Christian's life, the purpose of this diagram is to convey what happens to a new believer that is discipled versus a believer that is not discipled.


Lesson 2-4 What is a Biblical Disciple?

What Is a Biblical Disciple? To many Christians the term “disciple” speaks of a believer who exhibits "correct Christian behavior". Since one’s behavior is a product of one’s convictions and values, we believe being a “disciple” more accurately reflects a believer’s disposition of the heart relationship with the Lord. In this lesson we seek to focus on a disciple’s heart attitude, rather than just what a disciple “does.” 

2-4 Part 1 of 3 (10:10 min.)

2-4 Part 2 of 3 (11:11 min.)

2-4 Part 3 of 2 (7:40 min.)


Lesson 2-5 Essential Roles for Discipling

Art discusses the three "components" of the discipling process. They are: 1) The Holy Spirit, 2) The Discipler and 3) The Materials. 

2-5 Essentials for Discipling (2:45 min.)