Mentor Video Training

The Training videos are provided for you to use as you seek to train yourself and other “faithful” believers who will also disciple others.

We believe that as you go through the discipleship manual “A Tool for Personal Discipleship,” and watch these training videos you will:

  • Become more familiar with the discipling process
  • Personally begin to disciple someone on a one-on-one basis, and become an example for others to follow
  • Be able to train a small group of “faithful” church members to personally disciple newer believers
  • Begin to include “spiritual parenting” concepts in your preaching and teaching.

Our desire is that God will make you into an effective “spiritual parent” and “trainer,” and that your life will be multiplied many times over.

…entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (2 Tim. 2:2)

…unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it bears much fruit. (John 12:24)

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The DTI Mission Statement is: Training Disciplers to help every Christian grow to Maturity and Fruitfulness in Christ. Listen as Art Barkley discusses our role in making that a reality in our local assemblies. 

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We think most church leaders would agree that the Body of Christ is not having the impact on the world that we would desire. There are a myriad of reasons that can be put forth as to why the Church is not more spiritually healthy.

At a seminar, the following statement was made: “The system you have in place is perfectly designed for the results you are getting”. We believe that the Church has strayed from God’s model for spiritual growth.

The typical church has been successful in providing what we refer to as “Corporate Discipleship”, which is an essential element for healthy individual spiritual growth, as well as for healthy church growth.

However, we believe there is another element that is essential to normal healthy spiritual growth, which we refer to as “Personal Discipleship”. 

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The DTI discipleship manual is divided into three Phases. Phase 1 is what you would present to a new believer to help them to understand how to walk with the Holy Spirit, how to follow God, and what the Christian life is all about. Phase 2 is the philosophy of discipleship; why disciple, what is the disciple, and how to disciple. Phase 3 is a continuation of Phase 1, what we call amplified discipleship concepts. 

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As you begin the spiritual mentoring process with a disciple, use the 5 Concepts Every New Believer Needs to Understand to help diagnose the spiritual maturity level of the believer. It will help you determine gaps in their understanding moving forward using Phase 1. 

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This is a diagnostic tool to help believers to evaluate themselves. The lesson is located in the Assessment section of the DTI manual.

Many believe don't know where they are spiritually so spiritual mentors can help a new believers evaluate themselves by reading each of the four boxes and place themselves in one of the categories. 

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This first lesson in Phase 1 is a foundational building block to future lessons.

Lesson 1-1 is a practical overview of the Normal Christian life. We visualize the Christian life as a picture - as a box top for a jig-saw puzzle. We want to help you mentally connect the puzzle “pieces” (Biblical Truths) to God's overall plan for your life.

The Spiritual Mentor may also find “gaps” in the understanding of the mentee that will help in determining the pace of future lessons.

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This lesson is on Knowing God. Point #1 asks the question, what is spiritual maturity? In the video you'll learn that spiritual maturity is the degree that God has been able to change your thinking to see life from His perspective. Spiritual maturity is not how well you're behaving or how many good things you're doing or how much of the Bible you're reading or how often you go to church or anything else. Spiritual maturity is how much do you see life from God's perspective. (Romans 12:1-2)

This lesson covers four main areas: 1) My Attitude, 2) God's Word, 3) Prayer, 4) Corporate Gatherings. 

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This is a supplemental video for Lesson 1-2. A believer’s level of spiritual maturity is the degree to which the Holy Spirit has been able to change their inward value system in His direction. Many believers are very good at manipulating their behavior to “appear” to behave correctly, but NOT allowing God to transform their thinking which will produce the behavior that is pleasing to Him. This video reveals the correlation between how many parents discipline their children and how many believers manipulate their behavior to "appear" good.

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The Christian life should not be based just around salvation but on Christ.  Salvation is just the entrance into the Christian life.  This lesson provides some basic concepts concerning salvation such as: Mercy & Grace, God's Principle of Substitution, and the difference between "Christianity and Religion".

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This lesson is a transition lesson describing the "circle inside of a circle" which will be used in many future lessons. We want the new believer to see the interactivity of the spirit, soul and body and at the same time realize they have different functions.


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