Session 3 Spiritual Transformation, NOT Behavior Manipulation

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As the Lord transforms us inwardly, our values and convictions change and the correct behavior is going to follow. Conversely if you try to correct behavior only, then you'll end up with Christians who try to behave correctly to varying degrees but don't have the value system that should have brought the correct behavior about.

Click here for the handout of this lesson.  Use the handout and these videos to guide you through the lessons.  A video of the complete class is linked at the bottom of this page. 

Behavior Manipulation in Churches (6:14 min.)

John Rosemond article Introduction (1:50 min.)

John Rosemond article Part 2 (1:50 min.)

Handout Page 1 Fill in the Blank (4:09 min.)

In this next section we discuss Romans 12:1-2

Discussion on Romans 12:1-2 (2:13 min.)


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