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The Israelites journey out of bondage in Egypt and into the Canaan (the promised land) is an analogy or illustration and model to help me better understand my personal relationship with God and my own spiritual journey.

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As a believer, the “default” is to Live In the Abundant Life. That is the “normal” Christian Life. 

If I find myself wandering in the spiritual desert, that is “abnormal” – which causes huge consequences in my life, the lives of others, and our church.

There is a PREVALENT MISCONCEPTION in the Christian Community that I can be yielded/ surrendered to the Holy Spirit in one part of my life AND at the same time consciously allow disobedience in another area. (as long as I’m “trying my best”). REALITY is that God interacts with me as a WHOLE PERSON.

We will us the example found in Joshua 7 to demonstrate this REALITY.

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As the Lord transforms us inwardly, our values and convictions change and the correct behavior is going to follow. Conversely if you try to correct behavior only, then you'll end up with Christians who try to behave correctly to varying degrees but don't have the value system that should have brought the correct behavior about.

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