Phase 3 - Amplified Discipleship Concepts

An "Overview" of the Christian Life

A summarized review of the Christian Life

The Concept of "Lordship"

Several Human Predispositions that need to be understood

How the Christian community is divided into Two Camps

The Israelite Journey as an Analogy to the Christian Journey

Some verses and principles related to the concept of Lordship

The 3 Areas of my life that need to be surrendered

Discussion Points related to Salvation, the Two Natures, and Lordship

The Concept of "Abiding"

How a Christian interacts with the Holy Spirit and the Human Nature

A lesson from Joshua 7 on Abiding, Confession, and Restoration

Some thoughts on Abiding from John 15

The Son is our Model for Continual Abiding

A diagram and some verses of the Christian as a Temple of God

The Judgment Seat of Christ

A Theological study on the Judgment Seat of Christ

Discussion Points related to Abiding and The Bema Seat

"Christian Living"

Contrasts between Walking in the Spirit and Walking in the Flesh


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