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DTI is a 501(c)3 ministry providing free discipleship
resources for training disciplers to disciple others




App for mobile devices 

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DTI Manual Holman (HCSB) Version

ico pdf Complete Manual

ico pdfIntroduction to DTI & The Tool   

ico pdfPhase 1 - Understanding the Christian Life

ico pdfPhase 2 - Mentor Training

ico pdfPhase 3 - Amplified Discipleship Concepts

Additional Resources

ico pdfRedefining Discipleship (For Pastors & Leaders)

ico pdfMentee Assessment (Tool for Gauging the Disciple's Spirituality)

King James Version

ico pdfComplete Manual

ico pdfPhase 1

ico pdfPhase 2

ico pdfPhase 3


ico pdfEspañol (Spanish)

ico pdf普通话 (Mandarin)

ico pdf한국어 (Korean)

ico pdfမြန်မာ (Burmese)မြန်မာ (Burmese)မြန်မာ (Burmese)


Overview of the manual:

A Tool for Personal Discipleship (available in .pdf and electronic App format) is intended to help believers discover the answers to the “I'm saved, now what?” question by stimulating conversations between a mentee and their spiritual mentor that encourage spiritual growth and walking in dependence on the Lord under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Introduction- Explanation of the Tool, an overview of free resources, suggested timeline for mentoring, and a note from the Author.

Phase 1 (Understanding the Christian Life) - Foundational concepts and principles to be used in the mentoring process, focusing on inward transformation, God's Character, Lordship and Abiding.

Phase 2 (Mentor Training) - Guidelines for those who want to disciple other believers.

Phase 3 Amplified Discipleship Concepts - Lessons to deepen understanding of Phase 1 concepts.

Redefining Discipleship - A discussion on what we believe are the major reasons for the prevalent spiritual weakness in the Body of Christ and solutions to reverse that trend.

Mentee Assessment- Diagnostic tools to help the mentor discern the spiritual maturity level of the mentee 


How to print and/or download the DTI Manual:

TO PRINT:  choose the entire manual or desired Phase.  The lessons will open in a pop-up window; use the Adobe functions to print or save the file. 

TO DOWNLOAD:  choose the desired .pdf file, and right click. Then select "save link as" to download the file to your computer.

To open, read and print .pdf files, you need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  Click here to download the free Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

NOTE: If you have an older version of ADOBE READER (pre Version 9.0), you will need a newer version. Be sure to UNINSTALL the older version BEFORE installing the newer version.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD the lessons, send us an email by using the Contact link above and explain your problem. Possibly we can send  the DTI Manual file by email.