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Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

"I have to live out this discipleship"

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pastor2The last day of the conference, one of the pastors shared how the discipleship had changed him: "This discipleship has helped me to learn - not just what I am going to do with the discipleship - rather what the discipleship has done in me. I have been able to hear what I needed to learn. Sometimes we think that because we are pastors, that we know everything and we are equipped to do discipleship. But the Holy Spirit has taught me that if I am not a good disciple, I cannot teach others.

I learned about discipleship at the conference in May in Las Tunas with Professor Cesar. And here in this conference what I have learned is that I have to allow myself to be taught. There are so many pastors here with theological preparation, others who are just beginning their theological studies and others that are hearing, for the first time about discipleship.

"I want to tell you that these brothers and sisters are a greater "lesson" of what discipleship is. They have taught me what I have to do and how I have to live this discipleship. We cannot grow weary in praying that this discipleship would not only be carried out in our churches, but that it would be taken to the world.

"I want to share one more thing. This discipleship is breaking institutional barriers of denominations. We are not proclaiming a denomination...that I am a Methodist, you are a Baptist.... we are proclaiming that Jesus Christ lives, heals and saves!"

Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Discipleship Conferences are Making an Impact

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paneque-duleniaPASTOR ALBERTO PANEQUE, our in-country organizer and manager, related these thoughts about discipleship:

1) Discipleship has become one of the forming programs for the eastern part of the island. And not just within our denomination but across all denominational lines. It has brought great growth to the church. We are so grateful for what God is doing."

2) I am discipling three men personally. One of them is the 31st pastor to be sent out by our church in Bayamo. This pastor has spent his whole life building up churches. However, he told me that he had really difficult problems with this character. So I began discipling him personally. As a big surprise to me, just a few days ago this pastor said, "I feel so new and I feel like now I'm really a converted Christian ." Paneque continued to share that men have gone into the ministry but their character was not molded to the character of Christ. Now they are using the DTI tool to not only grow the hearts of the new believers, but it can also touch areas of the lives of older believers that for many, many years, they didn't have what is needed. Now the DTI discipling manual has changed all that.

3) Paneque also discipled his family. paneque family His wife, Dulenia, facilitated her first small group at this conference, since she has always been involved in logistics and administration in previous conferences. Their daughter Berenice was instrumental in arranging for the DTI manuals to get printed, traveling 14 hours by bus each way to Havana to make the arrangements .

4) Because of Paneque sharing what is happening in Cuba, one of the pastors in Miami is now implementing discipleship in his church, and visitors to Cuba from Ecuador from the Association of Bibles are eager to take back the DTI tool there, as well. .

Paneque concluded with this: You can see that when this is of the Lord, the Lord opens the doors.

At the Las Tuna Conference in May, 2014, Pablo had the privilege of leading Paneque's father and wife to the Lord. They have been growing and were so excited to attend this conference, participating in Pablo's breakout group.

paneque dad

Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

$1.25 will pay for One DTI Manual in Cuba

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manuals for conferenceThe DTI manuals are one of the most sought after and prized possession for the attendees. The people are so hungry for the teaching that they are copying them by hand because we can only give 1-2 to each person who attends.

We can now print them for $1.25 each.

Since the manuals can now be printed throughout the year, not just when there is a conference, we are praying for people to partner with us financially to support the manual printing ministry. 

lemimanuals from car$25 a month would buy 20 manuals for Cuban pastors and leaders!

Click here to donate securely on-line and partner with us in proving manuals on an on-going  basis. 

berenice discusses printing improvements


Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Becoming a "spiritual grandparent"

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Francisco and DiscipleFrancisco has become a "spiritual grandparent," discipling a troubled young man who had been in the Cuban army.This young man is now leading the youth in their church, and beginning to disciple a new believer. All three of them were at this conference, and were an excellent example as a model for spiritual reproduction (2 Timothy 2:2) since he is a spiritual grandparent.

Francisco, a pastor with the Hermanos en Cristo (our host denomination), has attended the last four conferences, often participating in Pablo's small group.  He is being groomed to become one of the Cuban trainers. He was a big help in this conference, filling in and co-teaching. Specifically he taught a group during the lunch hour with those who came to the conference late to catch them up with the lessons.

After Francisco discipled his wife, she is now  leading a cell group in the DTI discipleship material. 

Francisco's group

 Francisco and wife


Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Our Cuban Team Partners

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Cuban TrainersGod continues to raise up experienced Cuban team partners (shown here with Frank & Jeannette Meitz). 

They facilitated the breakout groups, opened the sessions, and testified how God is using the DTI materials to change people's lives and grow their churches.


Ramon & Raquel:  Ramon has been a pastor for many years and is an overseer of several other churches. Ramon-RaquelHe recently started a new home group (called a cell group) and there are 13 people in the discipleship process. He attended our second conference in 2010 and has been a key trainer ever since.

Ramon discipled his wife Raquel and this is her second conference as a teacher. Raquel said, "I'm timid but teaching others the DTI and trusting the Lord to lead the process has given me courage, and now I'm sharing the Word of God with others, and I thank God for using me that way."

Cesar-RoxanaCesar & Roxana: Cesar is the youth pastor at the church in Palmida and his wife Roxana works with him. They have been discipling in their home group, discipling the new believers, and are also training some to be disciplers. In addition, they continue to teach the concepts to the youth in the church. 

This is their second conference as co-teachers. Roxana has agreed that she is ready to facilitate her own breakout group next conference!   


Other Cuban Trainers:

Read Eliezer's story here

Read Paneque's story here


Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Cuban Trainer Eliezer - Testimony

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midalys-eliezerEliezer (one of our trainers) shared: "I had been a pastor for 18 years and didn't think we needed DTI."

Now, four years later, he tells people, "There are many Christians, but few disciples. When we started with DTI, we said, 'We know this stuff, but we were not practicing it in our own lives.' Now I am teaching old Christians, new Christians, even people who don't know Christ."

"There were 10 people who had gone through the manual but when we were teaching the new Christians, they wanted to go through it again. They were so hungry. We baptized five people this fall because of the discipleship. Three of them are youths.  The mother of one of the youths, who had been going to the church for many years, saw such a change in her son that she asked to be discipled because she wasn't sure if she was a true believer! She recognized the difference it makes in her Christian walk to be discipled.

Eliezer and his wife Midalys have been pastors for 22 years. She attended the second DTI conference in 2010 and upon her return, discipled him. Now they each facilitate a small group at the conference.midalys breakout group



Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Pastor disciples 70 people with one DTI manual

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pastorThis pastor from the last conference in Las Tunas in May, 2014, is discipling up to 70 people with ONE DTI manual!  He told us: "The vision of our church is planting churches. The discipleship training helps me to do that. It is so simple and it's so easy and practical which means that anybody can disciple another believer".

He explained the progression to plant churches: a cell group (similar to a home group) develops into a mission (church plant that meets in a house) and then grows to become a church. (They consider a church as being recognized by the authorities as a legal church entity.)

After the May conference he discipled key leaders, who are now discipling the members of their cell groups.  Since May they have started seven cell groups with about 10 members in each group. Each leader is discipling the others in the cell. (That means 70 people are in the discipling process!)  In addition to these seven new Cell Groups, the Pastor also supervises 26 missions and four churches.

The amazing thing is all this discipling is taking place with just ONE DTI manual - the same manual the pastor received at the conference in May! The people are so hungry, that they bring paper and pencil, then write out the manual as they are discipling!

Great News! The Church can now print the manuals in Havana for $1.25 each. Would you like to help provide these manuals on an on-going basis? You can give by clicking the Donate button below.

Use the Donate button to help us provide the Cuban DTI Manuals:


Wednesday, 19 November 2014 00:00

Cuba - "Equipping Believers" Testimony

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The following are comments from Pastor Alberto Paneque, the Conference coordinator at the beginning of the "Equipping Believers" conference that we just concluded in Camaguey, Cuba.

"Let me say that discipleship has become one of the forming programs for the Eastern part of the island. And not just within our denomination but across all denominational lines. It has brought great growth to the church. We are so grateful for what God is doing."

"I am discipling three men personally. One of them is the 31st in the generation of pastors that has been sent out by our church in Bayamo. This pastor had spent his whole life building up churches. However, he told me that he had really difficult problems with his character. So I began discipling him personally. As a big surprise to me just a few days ago this pastor said to me 'I feel so new and I feel like now I'm really a converted Christian.'"

Paneque continues, "This is a reality that is happening in the churches here in Cuba today. Men go into ministry but their character is not molded to the character of Christ. I can see that the DTI Tool is not just dealing with the hearts of the new believers but it can touch areas of the lives of older believers that for many, many years we have not been able to deal with because the lack of a guide (The DTI Tool). So we have not been able to go as far as we needed to. But that has all changed now.

              Pastor Paneque and his wife Dulania

Pastor Paneque










Monday, 20 October 2014 00:00

Cuba November 2014 Mission Trip Update

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In just a few weeks our four DTI traveling team members take off for Camaguey Cuba, to lead our eighth discipleship training conference there. Our host, Pastor Paneque has confirmed there are over 300 pastors and church leaders planning to attend the five day conference, which will be by far our largest. The evidence of God working through the discipleship process has caused great anticipation and excitement. Lives are being transformed!

Click Hereto read about the conference and how to lend your support.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Use the "Donate" button below to make a secure gift to the Camaguey Conference.

Friday, 10 October 2014 00:00

(Lordship) Illustration Of Two Doors

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What does the typical new Christian have to face as he looks at the future?

Shortly after becoming a Christian I come to a fork in the road where I see a door, through which I can visualize the future. I see goals and material belongings that would seem to satisfy my needs and desires in this life, at least based on my previous experience. Those goals and material belongings don't appear to be unacceptably evil. In fact I've seen many Christians seeking after the same things.

Using my God-given skills and intellect, those things appear to be obtainable, especially now that I can count on God to assist when needed. It seems reasonable that if God delivered me from unhappiness when He saved me, my happiness would now be one of His priorities.

But wait, I see through another door. It is as though there is a sign beyond the entrance with a message from Jesus saying, "Come follow Me, I have a better plan prepared for you."

He seems to want me to trust Him alone to give me fulfillment and satisfaction in this life and beyond. He seems to be telling me that the things I've seen through the other door only give temporary satisfaction for this life, but what He has prepared for me has eternal value. Since I can't visualize anything He seems to be promising, how does He expect me to make a sensible evaluation?

Does He really expect me to just trust Him on blind faith? That doesn't seem very reasonable since I'm just a new Christian and don't have much faith yet. Maybe further along I'll understand better, when I have more faith.

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