11 August 2015 By In News
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A by-product of the common misconception of how to define Biblical discipleship discussed yesterday, is a tendency to focus special attention on believers who seem to have a “gift” for teaching. Since teaching is a gift of the Spirit*, we must conclude that most believers…
10 August 2015 By In News
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For the next 10 days we'll provide a list of reasons why we believe Personal Mentoring is needed in addition to the Corporate Discipleship Model practiced in most Western hemisphere Churches. By doing so we are trying to identify areas of spiritual need, in order to…
07 August 2015 By In News
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There is a perception in the Christian community that discipleship equates to presenting biblical information.  Unfortunately this is a common understanding among most Christians. We believe that the American church has adopted this secular model for what we would call Christian education. For example, a student…
23 July 2015 By In News
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Discipler Training International is excited to announce that we have completed a two-year long process transitioning all of the Scripture verses in the DTI manual from the NASB version to the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) version. Why did we do this? Most people find…
23 June 2015 By In News
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If a new believer is not instructed otherwise, he will typically appropriate the values and convictions of the Christians that he associates with during the formative first period of his new spiritual life, just as a child will tend to adopt the values and convictions…
28 April 2015 By In News
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We believe that it's a true statement to say that "a believer's level of maturity is the degree to which the Holy Spirit has been able to change their inward value system in His direction." If the believer allows the Holy Spirit to transform their…
25 April 2015 By In News
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A personal letter to a discipler (spiritual mentor) from her disciple. I began reading in 1Timothy this morning and got stuck on the second verse, "To Timothy, a true son in the faith." You immediately came to mind, as I recognized that you are a…
07 April 2015 By In News
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Have you ever wondered if you are the only person visiting a particular website? Or how many people actually visit a website in a month? We keep track of the number of "sessions", or times, someone uses our site.  For the month of March 2015…
14 March 2015 By In News
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"I never thought of myself as a missionary, but over the last four years our Lord is allowing me to participate in the training of churches catching the importance and vision of "The Great Commission. (Matthew 28:18-20) "After my arrival in Dayton, NV in 2011;…
24 February 2015 By In News
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DTI is interested in hosting its own discipleship Podcast. We are in the beginning stages of launch. If you have or know someone who has the technical skills to help us publish these podcasts, and would be willing to volunteer your time in this endeavor,…
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