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Thursday, 07 March 2019 08:12

Praise from Vangi Munchinsky in Saskatoon

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"God is still at work in my life and in the lives of my church family. At our recent Discipleship Sunday, many came forward requesting one-on-one mentoring in response to powerful testimonies about being mentored using DTI.

Lisa H. talked about the darkness she was in before she was saved, and how I offered to disciple her."

Wednesday, 06 March 2019 05:57

DTI Devotional now live on YouVersion!

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DTI is please to announce that we are an approved partner with YouVersion and their Bible APP.  We have our first devotional, "Spiritual Transformation, Not Behavior Manipulation, Are you 'white knuckling' your Christian walk?" 


This 6-day devotional is designed to help all believers see life more from God's perspective.

Click here to go to the devotional.

We pray you will blessed by it as we continue to seek ways to help all believers to "see life, more and more, from His perspective".

Monday, 27 January 2020 09:40


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Download English APP

Descargar Español APP (Beta Version)


DTI material now available for mobile devices

  • Lessons from all three Phases
  • Additional videos, resources and teaching embedded in the lessons, including Art Barley, the author teaching live in Reno, NV   (HINT: many mentors play these videos with mentees to stimulate conversation, in addition to using for their own preparation and training.)
  • Ability to download and print a PDF at the bottom of each lesson


  • The DTI Apps are not available in any app store. To Download the APP click the links at the top of the page.


  • For easy access, after opening the app, create a shortcut to your device's Home Screen. For assistance with these instructions:
    • Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner
    • Choose “App Tips” from the menu
    • Follow the instructions either for an IOS or Android device

english spanish



  • Once a lesson is opened, the content will be “cached” and available when off-line. (without any internet or cell signal.) This will be especially important in remote areas where there is none or inconsistent internet access.


Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and let us know how you are using the app, what you think of it, and suggestions for making it more useful.

Share these links with others, especially the younger generations who use their mobile devices for most everything.


Saturday, 22 September 2018 10:18

Just Launched - Intentional Discipleship Communities

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 Spiritual Mentors, Frank & Jeannette Meitz are leading a group of believers getting together regularly to seek the Lord for His presence, unity, and a fresh anointing in His individual and collective calling and mission.

Using all three Phases in the DTI manual with thoughtful engaging conversations we seek the Lord and His promise of Living in The Abundant Christian Life.

We are video recording each session so pastors and leaders can use it to lead their own groups. We make all the handouts available for you!

You can access the material in several formats:

  1. From the DTI App. If you don’t have the DTI App, click here for instructions. You’ll find the Intentional Discipleship Community (IDC) section on the App Home Screen.
  2. From the Mentor Training section of the DTI web site. Choose the IDC section and follow the links.
  3. Facebook Live. We plan on streaming the gatherings live. We will announce when this launches.

Our desire is that God will make each of you into an effective “spiritual mentor / parent” and that your life will be multiplied many times over.

entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (2 Tim. 2:2)

unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it bears much fruit. (John 12:24)

Thursday, 12 July 2018 06:15

ANNOUNCING: DTI App for digital devices!

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Have you wished the DTI manual “A Tool for Personal Discipleship” could be read with your phone or tablet? Well, now that is a reality! AND it includes video and audio snippets of additional explanations and thoughts.

DTI App now available!

(Phase 1 only thus far; other lessons coming soon!)

The DTI App is not available in any app store. You can access by clicking on this link and then add a shortcut to your device's Home Screen.

To add the app to your device's Home Screen, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner, and choose “App Tips” from the menu.

We invite you to “poke around” – use it when mentoring someone, and let us know what you think!

app screenshot

app menu screenshot

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DTI has developed two diagnostic tools to help you as the spiritual mentor to discern the spiritual maturity level of the mentee and possible gaps in their understanding, so that you may be better prepared as you go through Phase 1 with them.spiritual parent

It will also help you to develop thought-provoking questions, based on where the mentee is in their “spiritual walk”.

It will help you avoid the pitfall of assuming the mentee is more spiritually mature based on observations of external behavior – especially if you are mentoring a believer who has been in the church a long time.

Monday, 16 April 2018 08:39

The DTI Vision Statement

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Our vision for the DTI ministry is to be useful to the Lord to effectively provide discipleship resources and encouragement to the multitude of individuals, churches and ministries worldwide, who desire to put discipleship principles (spiritual mentoring) into practice.

The Lord has made me aware of the need for all Christians to have the opportunity to grow to spiritual maturity, spiritual fruitfulness and to spiritually reproduce (Col. 1:28-29).

The Lord is also providing us with a growing understanding of how to clearly explain to others the process by which that goal can be achieved in greater measure for those believers who simply have a desire to serve Him as their Master.

Art Barkley

Thursday, 29 March 2018 06:24

A Good Friday Meditation

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Jesus is not a sad victim of a fallen world or a victim of a gruesome plot. Good Friday is not a tragedy but a triumph. The perfect plan that God set in motion in the Garden of Eden is now finally coming to fulfillment. God wanted us, his imagers, to bring the world back to the Garden of Eden, but we couldn’t. We tried. We kept creating false gods. We kept wanting to be independent from God, thinking we could do it without Him, but we can’t. Only He can bring peace and redemption.


Everything that happened to Jesus was leading up to Good Friday and was orchestrated by God. Think of Passion Week as a chess board. He was thinking outside the realm of two dimensions. God was playing in 3-D where Jesus' contemporaries were playing in 2-D.

3d chess picThe Pharisees thought they “had” him, that they were in control, manipulating the "pieces" (checkmate). But they lost the game before they started, primarily because they were playing based on their own understanding (reason and rules) and not trusting in the Lord, by faith (what they couldn't see). The Pharisees couldn't see the moves that God was making, had made (in the past) and would make (in the future).

Jesus managed every situation, every person, allowing events to happen to get Him where He needed to be – nailed to the cross – for my salvation.


How does this apply to me?

As I move forward and look into the future, Jesus is already there. He is already moving pieces around (or allowing them to be moved around) in different dimensions. My obedience to Him, my surrender and Lordship, and abiding with Him will bring me to the place He wants me to be and transform me into the person He always intended. Just like with Jesus, the point is to get me to where He wants me.

The dimensional aspect is that I may need to allow God to reconcile things in my past that I am holding onto, that I feel are dear to me or just wounds that prevent me from moving forward – to take advantage of whatever it is that Jesus is creating for me in my future. (Jesus tried to get the Pharisees to reconcile their past) God is viewing the totality of my life from His 3-D perfective, while I can only see 2-D. Why? Because God is outside of our time and space.

We can look at the future as “next week”, “next year”, and so forth, but as I contemplate Scripture, I can see that God was “playing 3-D chess” over thousands of years. For instance:

  • David penned Psalm 22 (about 900 BC) depicting what would happen on the cross.
    • Jesus quoted Psalm 22:1 from the cross “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Psalm 22 described other things that also happened on the cross.
  • Isaiah (about 700 BC) prophesied many things about Jesus (see Chapters 51- 53, especially)
  • Zechariah (about 500 BC) prophesied in 9:1 “Look, your King is coming to you; He is righteous and victorious, humble and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.” (Palm Sunday) 

This gives ME hope and courage that God is working in my life on a 3-D level – even when I can’t understand or comprehend what He is up to!

Passion Week

What can I take away from Passion Week, leading up to Friday? Here are a few examples of how God was "playing 3-D chess", far from the 2-dimensions of everyone else.

Tuesday – Jesus cursed the fig tree - Mark 11:12-14

The leaves were on the tree, looking good, but the tree would have no fruit. Jesus saw the hypocrisy of the tree. In Scripture fig trees usually represent Israel. The religious leaders were doing and saying the religious things, but in their hearts, they didn’t make Him Lord. People may appear to be super religious, but many aren’t “all-in” for Him. God looks at the heart – not at the outside. (I Samuel 16:7)

Contemplate: Have I made Him Lord of my life? Am I fully surrendered to Him and obediently following Him? Am I “all-in”? Have I given Him access to all areas of my life? (rooms of my house). 1

Jesus may be saying “move two steps forward and one to the right”. I obey by faith, because I may be able to see a step or two ahead, but I can’t see around the corner. As I pray in God’s will, He will answer – but not always like I expect. God is in 3-D, and I am not. What I think is God’s will for me may not be at all what He wants for me.

In other words, am I doing or saying religious things, but I don’t REALLY trust Him for everything? Do I really trust His character? Is He really sovereign? Loving? Good? Can only do what’s in my best interest? 2

Wednesday – Jesus is anointed with oil – Mark 14:3-9

When Jesus was eating a meal with his disciples, a woman anointed him with expensive fragrant oil of nard. It was an act of honor and devotion. She didn’t just pour it on his head, but also on his feet. She was giving him something that was precious. Her most valuable possession – about one year’s wages.

Contemplate: Do I have anything that is more precious to me than Jesus? Does He get the best of my time, energy, and possessions, or only the leftovers?

 Thursday night – the Passover meal - Jesus washed the disciples’ feet - John 13:1-17

Jesus says He came to serve, not to be served. There were no servants in the room, and the disciples didn’t want to serve. They were thinking in their 2-D realm that they had come to celebrate the Passover. They didn’t even think about serving each other. Jesus was a model for them – to think more 3-D – more like Him.

Jesus was, in essence, saying, “I will be gone in 24 hours, and you need to start thinking like me, because I am thinking like God by doing His will.”

Contemplate: What do my actions (behavior) say about my thoughts? Because what I think about is what I do.

Jesus recognized they weren’t thinking about being servants; they were thinking about being served. That was their worldview at the time. Jesus came to change their worldview to see life from God’s perspective3

I can identify with Peter when he basically said, “Jesus, you don’t know what you are doing.” Do I do the same thing -- telling Jesus what is best for me? After all, don’t I know what’s best for me and won’t I only do what’s in my best interest?

Thursday night –the Passover meal continued - Exodus 12:1-14

The very first Passover was a foretelling of Jesus, our Passover lamb. God was reminding the nation Israel that an innocent animal had to be sacrificed in order for them to be saved before moving forward into the Promised Land.

Jesus was fulfilling the same prophecy when John the Baptist declared, “Look, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29) He took our sin away forever, for those of us who believe.

God commanded the Israelites to commemorate the Passover meal yearly by remembering how God spared them and delivered them from bondage. What’s the importance of remembering? As I remember who I used to be and compare that to who God is making me into now, I can be very thankful for His deliverance.

Contemplate: God had a two-step plan for the Israelites: 1) to deliver them FROM bondage in Egypt and 2) put them INTO the Promised Land in Canaan.

What about me? Am I like the Israelites who, a week later, were wandering in the desert when they didn’t have to be? When they left Egypt, they were only a couple of weeks away from walking into the Promised Land. It only took them a few days to lose faith and start wandering -- leaning on their own understanding. The result was it took them 40 years to get to their Promised Land.

I am thankful God brought me out of bondage, but am I wandering in my spiritual desert? Am I allowing God to take me into my spiritual Promised Land? That requires my Lordship decision (full surrender), trusting His character (Proverbs 3:5-6) and abiding daily. (Do I need to seek out a more spiritually mature believer to mentor me, walk with me through the DTI material?)

Thursday night – Garden of Gethsemane - Mark 14:36

Jesus went into the garden and prayed. (paraphrase) “Okay, God, I don’t know that I want to do this. I don’t know what I need to do. But I trust you. I trust your character. If this is going to be painful or unpleasant, please take it away from me. BUT, if it is your will, I know you will lead me, and I will do as you have asked.”

Contemplate: What is my garden moment? What if I ask him to take it away, and He says, “No, this is what I have prepared for you. It is a dimension you can’t see, a level you aren’t even on right now. But if you trust me, and keep moving forward, we will get there.”

Yes, I may go through trials, like Jesus did on Friday. I may have people deny me; I may have family and friends deride me, say bad things about me, even abandon me. All things Jesus went through on Friday. All this may happen to me, but if I consider myself a follower (disciple) of Jesus, why wouldn’t I have a similar “Friday” in my life?

Because…we know – just like Jesus knew then – that SUNDAY IS COMING!

Friday was the culmination of the week - hard, depressing. But Sunday is coming!!

Sunday’s promise is my spiritual Promised Land -- better than I can imagine!! I’ve never been there before, but he gave me the GPS – the Holy Spirit. Now all I have to do is sync with Him and follow Him as He leads me to live the abundant life He planned for me.


(1) DTI Lesson 1-7

(2) DTI lesson 1-5

(3) DTI lesson 1-2

Saturday, 20 January 2018 13:08

How To Sponsor a Cuban Pastor

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DTI is returning to Cuba for our 12th "Equipping The Saints" conference.

Please pray for finances and consider whether God is prompting you to partner with us.

You can donate via check or credit card.

To pay by credit card, click here which will take you to the secure Tithely website for processing.

Make checks payable to DTI and mail to:
Discipler Training International
2900 Gulf Blvd, #112
Belleair Beach, FL 33786

Cuban Pastors (including the Cuban Facilitators) have no financial means to attend the conference on their own, since most make less than $30/month.
DTI pays for the entire conference - lodging, meals, transportation, and conference materials. (DTI Manuals, which they highly value.)

The cost for the total 5 day conference is about $30 per attendee.

There is a total need of $8,000. (200 attendees X $30 = $6,000, plus about $1500 for transportation and expenses for the traveling team, and $500 for the pre-conference for the Facilitators.

We are excited about what God has been doing in Cuba and look forward to sharing with you His miracles in peoples' lives when we return.

cuba team

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 16:19

Year End Thank You from Art & Toni Barkley

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It was September 53 years ago that we stepped out in faith to serve Him full time. When we left Reno and headed to Wisconsin for the New Tribes Mission Missionary training we had two people who committed to support us. One gave us a one-time gift to put on our account to go towards our rent and the other was a $50.00 dollar a month gift. That remained the same during our three years of training. We never went without a meal. There were times we ate whatever the deacons brought us. To this day I can’t even think about asparagus soup without gagging! :(We had told the Lord if He wanted us to serve Him full time, it was up to Him to meet our financial needs as we didn’t want to ask for support and look to others to meet our needs. That remains our policy today. (Matt. 6:33)  Over the art-toni-barkleyyears God has laid us on the hearts of different “angels”. When we went to Bolivia we had two people commit to send us $10.00 a month. One never sent it. During our 20 years in Bolivia He continued to lay us on the hearts of those of His choice. When we came back to the States and ended up resigning, that support ended and God provided a pastoral position at Reno Christian Fellowship. When Art resigned from RCF in 1998 to devote himself full time to this discipleship ministry, once again we had two supporters. One made a one-time gift and the other committed to monthly support. Over the last 19 years He has continued to raise up those to stand with us in this incredible journey. Our support has varied over the years. Some have gone to be with the Lord (can’t blame them for that), some have retired and had to make changes, some have felt the Lord leading them to support another cause, and others have felt God leading them to support DTI. The bottom line, it is all Him.

There is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t thank God for you. As we focus this month on the Gift that He gave us through His Son, we realize that without the Gift of His Son, without the gift of salvation, without the gift of the Holy Spirit, without the gift of eternal life, this would all be in vain. So I hope you see we do not take your support of us lightly. It is a gift. We thank our loving God for it, but we also thank you for your faithful heart.

May this next year be fart toni 1illed with His love, peace and joy. May you experience His grace when things get tough and you lean on His sovereign will. May you see Him daily in your lives as He meets your every need be it big or small. We love you and are so thankful for you. May He be honored!

Much, much love, Toni and Art

If you would like to financially support Art and Toni please click the link below and donate either one-time or consider an on-going gift. DTI is a 501c3 and gifts are tax deductible.

Donate to Art & Toni

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