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The Equipping The Saints Model (working in Cuba!)

09 February 2017 By
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Besides offering our FREE discipleship manual and other training resources here on our web site, DTI is committed in equipping believers in the Church Body to be disciple-makers who make disciples. It's based on the "Train The Trainers" model used in many business industries. In the spiritual realm we call it "Equipping The Saints" based on Ephesians 4:11-16.

This model takes time to implement, however we believe that it will actually extend the "life" of most pastors as burn-out is an epidemic crippling the Church.

Pertaining to our on-going mission in Cuba we have been implementing the Equipping model for several years now empowering the Cuban facilitators to replace the US Team which saves the ministry money and allows the Cubans to learn the Model and implement it in their local churches. The fruit is now surely evident.

Here are some observations from our just completed conference in Cienfuegos.

When we first started coming to Cuba in 2009, we had to bring a large team from the United States. But our goal was always to equip the Cuban pastors and leaders to facilitate the small groups and take on other responsibilities. Over the past three years we have reduced our traveling team to four. Primarily Frank and Jeannette (Meitz) teach in the general sessions, with Pablo and Martha (Garcia) translating for them and each facilitating their own breakout group. All along, the Cubans were being groomed to be the lead facilitators - since they know best culturally how to convey the DTI concepts (contextualization).

The biggest transformation in their small group leadership style is the transition from preaching to facilitating that we have been emphasizing. We now incorporate a mini facilitation guide in the Cuban DTI manual so that every leader can facilitate for maximum effectiveness when leading small groups.

In this conference their leadership rocketed to new levels. They performed their own dramas; several led team meetings; and some invited others that they began grooming to learn how to facilitate their own small group.

Contact us to learn more about the Equipping The Saints model.

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