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November 2017
26 December 2017 In News
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It was September 53 years ago that we stepped out in faith to serve Him full time. When we left Reno and headed to Wisconsin for the New Tribes Mission Missionary training we had two people who committed to support us. One gave us a one-time gift to put on our account to go towards our rent and the other was a $50.00 dollar a month gift. That remained the same during our three years of training. We never went without a meal. There were times we ate whatever the deacons brought us. To this day I can’t even think about asparagus soup without gagging! :(We had told the Lord if He wanted us to serve Him full time, it was up to Him to meet our financial needs as we didn’t want to ask for support and look to others to meet our needs. That remains our policy today. (Matt. 6:33)  Over the art-toni-barkleyyears God has laid us on the hearts of different “angels”. When we went to Bolivia we had two people commit to send us $10.00 a month. One never sent it. During our 20 years in Bolivia He continued to lay us on the hearts of those of His choice. When we came back to the States and ended up resigning, that support ended and God provided a pastoral position at Reno Christian Fellowship. When Art resigned from RCF in 1998 to devote himself full time to this discipleship ministry, once again we had two supporters. One made a one-time gift and the other committed to monthly support. Over the last 19 years He has continued to raise up those to stand with us in this incredible journey. Our support has varied over the years. Some have gone to be with the Lord (can’t blame them for that), some have retired and had to make changes, some have felt the Lord leading them to support another cause, and others have felt God leading them to support DTI. The bottom line, it is all Him.

There is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t thank God for you. As we focus this month on the Gift that He gave us through His Son, we realize that without the Gift of His Son, without the gift of salvation, without the gift of the Holy Spirit, without the gift of eternal life, this would all be in vain. So I hope you see we do not take your support of us lightly. It is a gift. We thank our loving God for it, but we also thank you for your faithful heart.

May this next year be fart toni 1illed with His love, peace and joy. May you experience His grace when things get tough and you lean on His sovereign will. May you see Him daily in your lives as He meets your every need be it big or small. We love you and are so thankful for you. May He be honored!

Much, much love, Toni and Art

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18 December 2017 In News
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DTI - Cuba and elsewhere!

Our most recent Newsletter is available here. We pray you have a blessed 2018!


  • Ciego de Avila will be the location for our 11th DTI Conference in February 2018
    • In Cuba we see that lives are changing, addictions are being broken and marriages and relationships are growing stronger as people learn to consistently abide with the Lord.cuba map 2018

  • A testimony from one of our disciple-makers in Mississippi who first invited DTI to conduct workshops there. He has mentored many men over the years, and this is a story of perseverance...
  • Read and watch a live “Equipping the Saints” training class
  • News from Around the World
    • Myanmar
    • Philippines
    • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • An update from the Barkleys (the author of the DTI manual)
  • Lot's more...

We see miraculous ways God is working in Cuba, so please consider donating towards the upcoming February 2018 conference. You can donate here.

18 December 2017 In News
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Unfortunately the American church is not having much impact on the world because the emphasis in the American church is on evangelism and getting people saved. Therefore most believers know they're going to heaven but for the most part many are left on their own trying to figure out how to live the Christian Life.


Simply put, new believers are not being mentored. They're not being shown right at the beginning of their Christian life what the Christian life is all about. Many Christians spend months and years trying to figure it out. (They Ask) “What am I supposed to be doing?”

If God didn't have a purpose for your life after you became a Christian then you have to ask yourself, “Why doesn't He (God) just take me home? Why does He leave us here?”

We believe God has a purpose for every Christian. But the majority of Christians don't have a clue what they're supposed to be doing from the time they are saved to the time they die.

As a result when you ask many believers about their Christian life they will say something like “I used to be a drunk and this (was bad in my life) and now God has saved me and I have assurance of going to heaven.

It's going from salvation to heaven but nothing in between.

Unfortunately there are a lot of believers that fall into that mindset. If you ask them, “what are you supposed to be doing here on earth between the time you’re saved and the time you die?” many believers will just express that they are trying to do their best or they are trying to live “like Christians” or they are trying to be a witness.

But for most believers that is pretty much it. (sadly)

God has a greater purpose for us than just try our best. God wants to transform our lives and He wants us to be lights through which He can flow.

As spiritual mentors if you can help a new believer to get started on the right direction right from the beginning, it’s going to accelerate their growth. There will be an acceleration of their spiritual growth. This is what we want.

There is no reason why believers have to spend time in the spiritual desert. That is not what God intended. And yet this is where the majority of Christians are - out in the spiritual desert. Not because they make a choice but mainly because no one has ever laid out the options. (See Lesson 3-4 for more on the spiritual desert)

Use the “Where Am I as a Christian?” diagnostic tool to help believers evaluate themselves as to where they are in their spiritual journey. In the Spiritual Promised Land or the Spiritual Desert? The lesson is located in the Assessment section of the DTI manual.

Click here to watch a few short teaching videos describing the lesson.

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