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September 28 2015 By
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Art discussed discipleship in this live interview on radio station KNIS (Carson City, NV) on January 30, 2007 We believe there are some foundational principles that all believers, especially newer believers, need to understand. Our desire is to give each newer believer (and any spiritually hungry…
September 28 2015 By
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God is working out the details for our 9th Cuba workshop -- in November! In just a few weeks our four DTI traveling team members leave for Bayamo, Cuba, where over 200 pastors and church leaders are planning to attend the five day conference. The…
September 18 2015 By
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Point 1. To many Christians the term “disciple” speaks of a believer who exhibits an acceptable level of observable Christian behavior. Since one’s behavior is a product of one’s convictions (values), we believe being a “disciple” should more accurately be understood to reflect a believer’s…
September 08 2015 By
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What do we mean by the terms “self-dependent” and “carnal?” In the Bible we see a contrast between “spiritual believers” and “self-dependent (carnal) believers.” This, we believe, is the contrast brought out in Proverbs 3:5-6, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do…
September 01 2015 By
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Continuing our discussion on "growing new believers" let's look at  several examples of adopting “external behavior” patterns: How does a new believer evaluate the spiritually acceptable car to drive? Clearly it is not a question addressed specifically in a Bible verse. While the Bible doesn’t…
August 27 2015 By
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In Part 1 of this series we asked the question, “Do we want a new believer to become like the ‘typical’ member of this congregation?” If the answer is no, then arrangements need to be put in place to impart Biblical values to new believers.…
August 25 2015 By
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How Does A New Believer Acquire Spiritual Understanding? If a new believer is not instructed otherwise, he will typically appropriate the values and convictions of the Christians that he associates with during the formative first period of his new spiritual life, just as a child…
August 24 2015 By
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Biblical truth is often presented in isolated (topical) form, without a good understanding of how it fits into the Christian life as a whole. This leads to the believer’s life becoming compartmentalized. Imagine that you’re about to view a Power Point presentation of a “project”,…
August 21 2015 By
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Commitment is one of the four components of Personal Discipleship, including Modeling, Individual Attention and God’s Word. Commitment has to do with the heart attitude of the discipler (spiritual parent) in regards to the spiritual welfare and development of the disciple. This is a commitment…
August 19 2015 By
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In giving us the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20), Jesus said to go into all the world and make disciples. (not just converts). This then brings up the need to distinguish between a “disciple” and a “non-disciple”. We believe it is true to say that not…
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