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10 Reasons #10 - Biblical truth is often presented in isolated (topical) form..

August 24 2015 By
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Biblical truth is often presented in isolated (topical) form, without a good understanding of how it fits into the Christian life as a whole. This leads to the believer’s life becoming compartmentalized.

Imagine that you’re about to view a Power Point presentation of a “project”, a “medical procedure”, or someone’s “vacation trip.” You would normally expect such a presentation to begin with an “objective”, or an “overview”, and then proceed in a progressive and sequential manner.

But what if the order of the presentation was “random?” The person making the presentation would probably be able to explain each individual picture, but would generally have difficulty trying to present a progressive picture.

The more complicated the material, and the greater the unfamiliarity of the viewer, the more difficult it would be to try to make sense out of the presentation.

Many times the Christian life is presented in a similar random order. Thus the newer believer will probably have a difficult time trying to fit the isolated pieces together in a sensible way.

That is why we usually recommend that the discipleship process begin with a visual overview see Lesson 1-1, followed by a progressive and systematic presentation of what will be encountered by the typical newer believer.

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