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DTI is a 501(c)3 ministry providing free discipleship
resources for training disciplers to disciple others



DTI Resources

DTI provides free brochures that you can download and print to help you explain to others some the resources and tools DTI provides.  Click the brochure image to download in pdf format. 

Free Resources

This brochure provides a list of the resources DTI makes available to assist church leaders in equipping spiritual mentors to implement a personal discipleship culture in your church.

free resources broochure

Redefining Discipleship

Our churches are filled with spiritual infants. Consider a proven systematic method to transform spiritual infants into fruitful reproducing disciples of Jesus. This brochure highlights the proposed solutions we provide in greater detail in our comprehensive document. You can find the document in our app.

redefining discipleship broochure


 Balanced Discipleship

Discusses why balancing corporate discipleship with personal discipleship will accelerate the spiritual formation of believers. Includes Biblical support and free resources available to implement a discipleship culture in your body. 

balanced discipleship broochure


Five Important Concepts Every Believer Needs to Know

The Five Concepts covers Salvation, Lordship and Abiding, which are the critical ideas you will develop in more detail in Phase 1.

5 important concepts broochure