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The following people make up the Board of Directors of the DTI ministry.

Art & Toni Barkley became Christians in 1961 in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1964 they entered the New Tribes Mission "Boot Camp" training, then in 1970 they, along with their two sons, ages five & seven, traveled to Bolivia, South America to serve as missionaries to jungle tribes. They continued serving with New Tribes Mission until 1991, when the Lord changed the direction of their ministry. He arranged for Art to spend the next 7-1/2 years as an associate pastor at Reno Christian Fellowship (RCF) in Reno, Nevada. During that period, God took Art through a learning experience in the area of discipleship that changed his whole perspective. In March of 1999, Art resigned his position at RCF, founded the Discipler Training International (DTI) ministry, and authored the discipleship manual titled “A Tool for Personal Discipleship”. Art, along with his wife, Toni, continues to promote discipleship concepts and the training of disciplers in Reno and worldwide through the Internet. Art & Toni continue to live in Reno, where Toni also disciples and counsels women.

Adam Barkley grew up in Bolivia, So. America, where his parents (Art and Toni) served with New Tribes Mission (NTM). Adam graduated from the NTM school (Tambo) in 1981, and then from the NTM Bible Institute in Waukesha, WI. Adam served as pastor at the First Baptist Church in Gardnerville, Nevada for eight years and is presently an itinerate pastor at TRE Baptist church, Wellington NV. He is also presently a full time Hospice Chaplain working at Infinity Hospice Care in Reno. Adam has a passion for seeing believers grow to a mature fruitful relationship with the Lord. He pursues this in both his ministry as a pastor and in ministries with DTI.

Jerry Cole has been in ministry for more than 35 years. As a pastor, Jerry used the DTI materials and the philosophy of personal discipleship in growing the church. He sees personal discipleship or "spiritual parenting" as the key to a healthy church. Jerry believes that every sermon, Bible study or Biblical presentation he has ever prepared has one or more of the basic elements of the DTI material. So much so, Jerry has recently written a book titled, "The Course". One of its themes centers on discipleship. Jerry says, "My mission in life is to simply tell people about Jesus." Jesus' command is to "Make Disciples".

Evan Gannon accepted Christ as Savior on January 21, 1995, and began attending Reno Christian Fellowship in Reno, Nevada. Evan was introduced to Art Barkley in 1997 and was personally discipled by Art. Evan made a Lordship decision after learning from Art about Christ's desire to be more than Savior, but also Lord. From that time forward, Evan actively attended Art's Sunday morning class, and his desire to personally disciple others has continued to grow, resulting in the discipling of Church leaders, small groups and individuals.  Evan moved from Reno to Dayton, Nevada in 2010. He is currently training Disciplers in Dayton, working with two couples one on one and leading Bible study classes on the topics of Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven, The Abiding Life, God and Country and Understanding the Bible. He also serves our Lord as Advisory Board Secretary for DTI, as Administrator of Dayton Valley Community Church and member of the Dayton Valley Ministerial Alliance.

Frank and Jeannette Meitz 

Frank and Jeannette decided when they married in 1995 that their relationship would include God, without understanding the adventure He would lead them on. In 2004 the Lord led them to attend a discipleship class led by Art and Toni Barkley (the author of the DTI materials), where God “rocked their world” about what it means to REALLY follow Him and what it accurately means to “Go and make disciples.”

In 2007 the Holy Spirit led Frank to resign his secular job to volunteer full-time for DTI, spearheading the “Train The Trainers” branch of the ministry.

They have facilitated "Equipping the Saints" workshops around the world, with a concentration the last 10 years on annual week-long conferences in Cuba, focusing on raising up Cuban leadership to become Spiritual Mentors who teach others to mentor and disciple others.

They attend Crosspointe Community, a Free Methodist congregation in Largo, FL, and also serve on the board of Victor Newman Ministries, a non-profit organization, focused on the homeless, those who are food-insecure and those with addictions.

Jeannette recently co-authored a book with Yvette Carter, From Homeless and Hungry to Wholeness and Helping, available on Amazon.

Dave Schwartz's background was in Orthodox Judaism before he was drawn to Christ in January of 1996. He accepted Christ as Savior on February 12 of that same year and immediately entered into a spiritual mentoring relationship under Art Barkley. This allowed him to experience a wonderful understanding of Christ from the very beginning. Shortly thereafter God presented him with the love of his life, Beth. Together they've raised wonderful children, and enjoyed a life of amazing peace and joy, all thanks to God.

Dave is completely committed to the DTI discipleship process and has engaged relationships across the full spectrum of modern technology. He has several on-going relationships with men God has put in his path. Beth's commitment to the spiritual mentoring process is also on-going and she is rarely without mentoring appointments on her calendar. Together Dave & Beth mentor couples and continue with their life-long spiritual mentoring relationship with Art and Toni Barkley.

Dave's favorite verse from the Bible is Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding," because this is his own personal challenge. In describing the difference between his life before and after Christ entered, Dave says, "There was a lifetime of failure before God, and a lifetime of victory since!"

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