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Spiritual maturity is typically graded on a curve. If you're in a church and everybody is very immature and you're just a "little" immature don't you feel good about yourself? You say, "I'm ahead of those guys." The apostle Paul said, "those that compare themselves with themselves or others are foolish."

There's a danger in "grading on the curve".

Watch the video to see why.

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Church attendance doesn't thrill God. A transformed heart is what Thrills God!

Watch this video that discusses how many believers are living behavior before other people, NOT before God.

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Many believers don't know where they are spiritually. Why?

New believers are not being spiritually mentored right at the beginning of their Christian life and they don't know what they are supposed to be doing.

If God has a purpose for every Christian why are so many living in the "Spiritual Desert"?

Watch the Video for a solution.

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5 Biblical Concepts
Every Believer
Needs To Know

1. As my Savior – Jesus wants me to know that all my sins have been forgiven, and I now have eternal life.

2. As my Lord – Jesus wants me to know that I have been bought with a price, and I am no longer my own.

3. I am very special and God has a marvelous, unique design for my entire life, and He wants to manage His plan for me.

4. God wants me to know that the Holy Spirit alone is capable of guiding me and revealing God’s plan to me.

5. God wants me to know that the Holy Spirit will train me to recognize, follow and obey His guidance.

Watch this video of our DTI Trainer teaching the 5 Concepts

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The DTI manual “A Tool for Personal Discipleship” can now be read with your phone or tablet! Access it by reading this article that explains how to download it.

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Redefining Discipleship

dying church 2

The Body of Christ is not having the impact on the world that we desire....

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What is Personal Discipleship?

What is Personal Discipleship

PARTIAL TRUTH: To most Christians the term “Discipleship” simply equates to presenting Biblical truth...

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Are You A Typical Modern Church Congregation?

 old model

Most believers consider themselves inadequately trained, or ungifted. Leaders are presumed to be trained, but lack the time for personal discipleship. What's the solution?

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5 Biblical Concepts Every Believer Needs to Know

Use this tool to help you diagnose the spiritual maturity level of your mentee.

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New to DTI? Start Here

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Start here if you're new to DTI and not sure where or how to begin mentoring another believer.

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Christian Life Overview

Christian Life Overview

As the Christian acquires Biblical concepts and knowledge we want to help them to mentally connect the pieces to God's overall plan for their life.....

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Where Am I As a Christian?

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Use this diagnostic tool to help believers evaluate themselves.

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ANNOUNCING: DTI App for digital devices! Have you wished the DTI manual “A Tool for Personal Discipleship” could be read with your phone or tablet? Well, now that is a reality! AND it includes video and audio snippets of additional explanations and thoughts. DTI App now available! (Phase...
Mentee Assessment - Two Diagnostic Tools for the Spiritual Mentor DTI has developed two diagnostic tools to help you as the spiritual mentor to discern the spiritual maturity level of the mentee and possible gaps in their understanding, so that you may be better prepared as you go through Phase 1 with them. It will...
The DTI Vision Statement Our vision for the DTI ministry is to be useful to the Lord to effectively provide discipleship resources and encouragement to the multitude of individuals, churches and ministries worldwide, who desire to put discipleship principles (spiritual mentoring)...

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