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Why do we devote 18 years to raising our children, but don't even spend six months with a new Christian?

As a result, our churches are filled with immature believers.

And the truth is, spiritual infants don’t reproduce.

Do you want to reverse this phenomenon?

Click the video icon to look at our biblical model for Spiritual Mentoring.

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The DTI manual, A Tool For Personal Discipleship is divided into three Phases. This video explains the three phases.

Additionally how we as mentors need to be available to the Holy Spirit's leading when discipling others.

Click the video icon to learn more about the Manual's Course Timeline.

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WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn about DTI

• Free discipleship lessons to help every Christian grow to Spiritual Maturity and Fruitfulness

• Leader training resources

• Redefining Discipleship

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God desires for me to grow in my understanding of Him.

How Do I do this?

Click the video icon to the right.

God desires for me to grow in my understanding of Him.

He wants for me to know Him intimately, in a way that goes beyond mere knowledge “about” Him.

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Watch this example of the Natural World
to help understand Spiritual Truths.
Click the video icon to the right.

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The character of God is extremely important. Every person looks at God as either good, bad, or somewhere in between. How you view God is going to impact how you view life. It's important for our focus to be on God.

Watch this video on God's character.

The Importance of God's Character to a New Believer from Discipler Training International on Vimeo.

Redefining Discipleship

Redefining Discipleship

The Body of Christ is not having the impact on the world that we desire....

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What is Personal Discipleship

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5 Important Biblical Concepts


Five Biblical Concepts Every Believer Needs to Know.

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Christian Life Overview

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How do I mentor someone? Have you felt the Lord conviction you that you should be investing in the life of a new(er) believer? Great! But, you might have questions about what a personal “spiritual mentoring” relationship looks like. Let’s take a look at how the DTI Manual...
Why Three Phases? The DTI manual, A Tool For Personal Discipleship, is divided into three sections or what we call "Phases".  As you mentor a believer using the Tool, it's important to know which Phase to use depending on the needs of the disciple. Watch this short...
How to facilitate discipleship training in your church Quite often, DTI receives requests from church leadership (pastors and / or leaders) similar to this one, “Please, would you share with me your thoughts on how I can begin facilitating discipleship training events using DTI in my church?” Here is...

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